Let’s do it: DIY Brown Sugar & Ginger Soap

I got really sick over the weekend @@ Being affected with nausea & very bad migraine headache. I was trying to write up this post but I just don’t have the energy at all. I feel a little better today, so I have to keep my promise and demonstrate to you guys how to make the brown sugar & ginger soap using the cold process method.

I spent two separate days to make this soap.

Day 1:

Boil a big pot of water. Use whatever amount of ginger you like and mill the ginger. I milled about 2 lbs of ginger. Put them all into the boiling water and cover with lid. Turn the heat to medium low and slowly boil the ginger water until it gets concentrated. I made about one litre of concentrated ginger water. Stored the ginger water in containers and freeze them in the freezer.

Day 2:

Deiced the ginger water in the fridge. We have to keep the ginger water at a cool temperature in order to make the soap.

Put on a goggle, wear a pair of glove and an apron. You have to keep yourself safe during the soap making process. If you don’t keep yourself safe, the lye/oils/soap mixture might get into your eyes or on your skin, then you’ll be very sorry. Remember, safety comes first.


Handle with care, get the proper amount of lye and ginger water by measuring them in heat resistant measuring cups. Have both the ginger water & lye ready.

Stir the ginger water with a heat proof spoon or stick while slowly pour in the lye. Just pour in the lye little by little like a tiny stream of water. Keep stirring the ginger water until all the lye dissolves. During this mixing process, the ginger water will starts to heat up to a very high temperature, so we must be careful during this step. And now you can leave the lye aside for a while.


Get the proper amount of coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, palm kernel oil, and macadamia oil and put them all together in a stainless steel bowl. Like melting chocolate, melt the oil and butter using the double boiler over gentle, indirect heat. Make sure to keep the temperature below 50 celsius degree during the melting process until all the oil and butter are melted.


Remove the stainless steel bowl away from the heat, and pour in the proper amount of olive oil. Mix, mix, mix~ And now the temperature should be between 40 to 45 celsius degree. At the same time, the ginger lye water mixture should also between 40 to 45 celsius degree.


Slowly pour the ginger lye water mixture into the oil little by little and mix them with a heat proof whisk. So now, you have to be patient because you have to keep mixing until the mixture get to “trace”. “Trace” looks like mayonnaise, but not as thick.


Pour in the jojoba oil here at this stage, follow by lavender essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, and litsea cubeba essential oil. Blend the mixture gently. And here it is, a nice blow of soap mixture, and it smells so good~


Mix in the ginger crumbs and brown sugar with whatever amount you like.


Looks like a yummy cake mixture, right?



Pour the soap mixture into a silicon mold and store it into a big foam storage container. Cover the foam container with lid. I usually use a blanket to cover the foam storage container as well because I want to make sure that no heat can escape. Leave the soap for 24 hours and allow the soap to cure.


I took the soap out from the mold after 24 hours, isn’t it nice?


Can you see the brown sugar and ginger crumbs? They are nice and gentle exfoliator.


The little heart shape, aren’t they cute?




Now, lay the soap on a shelf and let the air circulate around them for 30 days. The pH level will drop remarkably during this air process and this loaf of thing will become a very nice and mild, 100% handmade cold process soap.


Follow my tutorial and make your own brown sugar & ginger soap ^^ Below is the ingredient content of this recipe. I formulated this recipe by myself using the method that my soap-making teacher has taught me. I am sharing my recipe here with you and I hope you all can have fun to experience the joy of soap making. And just for you to know, this brown sugar & ginger soap is also available in my online store. It is the #1 top selling handmade soap in my workshop and the stock fly out the door real fast. Online Store URL: http://aomoriworkshop.bigcartel.com/

Ingredient content:

Coconut Oil 72g, Palm Oil 152g, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 160g, Castor Oil 40g, Grape Seed Oil 40g, Avocado Oil 80g, Cocoa Butter 16g, Palm Kernel Oil 80g, Macadamia Oil 160g, Lye 108.6g, Ginger Water 304g, Jojoba Oil 40g, Lavender Essential Oil 8g, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 8g, Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil 10g.

If you would like to order my handmade soap as gift/wedding/party/baby shower/bridal shower favor, please contact me for further information. It will takes about 4 to 6 weeks for me to make the soap and do all the wrapping, so please allow at least this much time for custom orders.

Thank you for reading, hope you guys like my post~

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8 thoughts on “Let’s do it: DIY Brown Sugar & Ginger Soap

  1. Thank you for your tutorial. The photos are very nice and the soap sounds good. Just wondering if you can feel the ginger on your skin, the way you can feel the coolness of peppermint?
    I hope you have fully recovered by now. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, I am glad that you like my post.

      Hmmmm… the feeling will not be the same as the coolness of peppermint, it will be a lukewarm sensation. That is why so many asian women will use the ginger water to wash their hair & body to keep them warm and to prevent having chronic headache, especially for those at the post-pregnancy stage ^^

      I am feeling much better today ^^

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  3. love your tutorial and recipe~ however, would you please share where did you buy those oil and lye? and would you recommend any soap making class in vancouver? thanks so much

    • Hello Jo,

      I am glad that you like my tutorial and recipe. Sorry for being late to reply your message.

      For oil and lye, there are two places that you can visit in the lower Vancouver mainland. There is “Cranberry Lane”, 150 – 2268 No 5 Rd. in Richmond. You can also visit Voyageur Soap and Candle Co, #15-19257 Enterprise Way in Surrey. Both offer soap making classes, so you should pay a visit there ^^

      In the near future, I will also offer soap making class too. So please stay tuned!

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